Society Staples Pte. Ltd.
By Ryan Ng Follow | Public

Society Staples was founded to create an inclusive society for Persons with Disabilities. With empathy at the core of everything we do, we create team-building programs, school workshops, and community outreach events, using these as platforms to spread messages of acceptance and inclusion.

Growing up with brothers with developmental disabilities, our founders Debra and Ryan developed a keener sense and understanding of the difficulties faced by Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) roles in society than most. This culminated in Deaf Dragons which was also founded and run by the pair, and finally in Society Staples in early 2015.

Fuelled by their experiences and a shared passion for social acceptance and inclusion, the pair created Society Staples as a platform to create conversations about PwDs while simultaneously imparting unique perspectives gleaned from interactions with PwDs.

In our first year we have been lucky enough to be featured on news sites such as the Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia, and as recipients of several awards such as President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Start-Up of the Year Award 2015 and the ASEAN-China Outstanding Young Start-Up Entrepreneur Award 2015, among others.

(Protip: Debra was on Her World Mag’s 55th anniversary edition too)

So welcome to Society Staples, stay awhile and have a chat with us!

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